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You’ve heard it said that experience isn’t something you get until just after you needed it.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share our experiences in hopes they can help others not make the same mistakes we have.

In today’s episode, we’re going to share some of the most valuable lessons WE learned this year.

Lessons learned from leading 23 live events (3 of which were brand new), partnering with 20+ incredible organizations, hosting 46 podcasts, releasing 110 newsletters, writing 500 social media posts, hiring two new full time staff members and countless other impactful moments.

Hear from each member of our staff as we recount both the successes and failures encountered along the way including:

Operations advice from Liz Bartholomew – Director of Operations (10:00

Effective prioritization strategies from Ali Kershner – Director of Creative Strategy (20:20)

The benefits of exploring new sides to yourself  from Bekah Gold – Chief Everything Officer (38:20

Advice on job transitions from Nate Hoffmeister – Director of Strategic Growth and Business Relationships (50:10).

For the full list of the lessons we learned this year, and how you can learn from our mistakes and apply them to your own life, download our FREE Podcast Reflection Worksheets.

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