That’s what the voice inside our head whispers to us whenever we begin to doubt our level of expertise or abilities- especially when we are around other high-level professionals.

You want to help others, but feel like your work never matches up to your own expectations and may not make the impact you hoped it would.

Stop letting fear, uncertainty, and the opinions of others stifle your ability to improve and provide value.

What You’ll Learn:

The most common signs and causes of imposter phenomenon, and who it’s most likely to impact.

Which of the 5 imposter archetypes best fits you and your unique situation.

Specific strategies that give you the guidance needed in order to get out of your own head, and out of your own way.

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  • Thank you again for putting together this webinar. I always really enjoy your content and this was no different. My biggest takeaway was the deals you said you sometimes negotiate with speaking gigs.  If they can't pay the exact fee you ask for different things such as being able to send info out to their newsletters, having them buy copies of your book, etc. I've run into issues a few times with people not being able to pay and that has really given me a lot to think about with how to proceed working with them but create a mutually beneficial agreement. Thanks again! Looking forward to continuing to change the industry with you!

    Kenny Dusseault
  • Thank you, and your team for taking time & sharing this webinar!! Overall, I found it to be valuable! I enjoyed it because I agree with a lot of what you were saying about the current state of the field of S&C. Some of it is def alarming and a bit unsettling and concerning. However, I believe Sport at all levels is realizing the value of a S&C/SP Coach! / Sport Science Professional!! In the impact we can have on teams, individuals etc. So hopefully the field does not die out in 10 years! I can see it happening if as a profession we all do not adjust and change!

    Joe Todora
  • Thank you for your time in this webinar - a much appreciated & an insightful discussion. What I got the most out of was hearing Dan Noble talk. Dan's discussion around negotiations - where he mentioned that when salary isn't negotiable, the importance of shifting to the next thing that is a priority for you and negotiate on that (I think for him it was more opportunities for downtime). Also, (I've heard it spoken about before in your course Valued, but) I loved him reinforcing the importance of diversifying your skill set & creating option value which is gonna help when you walk into those negotiation situations.

    Joel Norton
  • I really enjoyed the webinar, thanks for putting it on. Your messages around great S&C coaches having the ability to identify with multiple different roles (teaching, listening, adapting, managing etc), the need to execute, expand and evolve, and critically “periodise your career” resonated deeply with me and have inspired me to explore ways in which I can begin to build my brand and my online presence through alternative methods, beyond just coaching.

    Ben Warman
  • Thank you very much for putting together this webinar. I took pages of notes, I feel ashamed to admit how little I knew about the realities of our profession prior to this webinar. There were many things that were helpful during this presentation, one of the things that stood out the most for me was the importance of branding, and building + bridging social capital. One of the things that shocked me the most was I needed to diversify my skill set. I thought that only being proficient in learning the technical skills would be enough, now I know that this is the minimum requirement, and as you said, it's just a prerequisite. We need to double down on understanding communication skills, social science, *and* branding + business, or else our field will fail tremendously.

    Julia Alemao