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We offer various mentoring options personalized to your industry and goals including but not limited to:

Starting / Scaling a Business

Branding & Design Work

Hiring and Firing (building a team)

Friend & Family Relationships

Finding Your Voice As A Leader

Navigating Power Dynamics

Clarifying Next Steps In Your Career

Having Hard Conversations

What mentoring can do for you:

Inject creativity and new ways of thinking

Help us see things we might have missed

Ensure we don’t get complacent

Act as a personal board of advisors

Get honest, direct & individualized feedback

Help us avoid making that one BIG mistake

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Call recordings and feedback from your coach

PDFs / worksheets / homework assignments

Membership in our digital membership platform

On-demand access to one of our coaches / subject matter experts

How it works:

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Very friendly and supportive team. You will get a feeling that they are truly doing their best to help you with all their expertise. If you are looking for mentorship to help you move forward with your career you are in the right place. Highly recommended!

– Sherif Ahmed Nassar
Fitness Coach


It’s hard to put into words how VALUABLE the mentoring from Brett and the AOC team was. I came to Brett and the team with some very complex problems when I came to pivoting my brand and redirecting my career trajectory. The information and advice I received was invaluable and exceed any cost associated with the mentoring.

– Karl Jacobson
Entrepreneur / Strength & Conditioning Coach


This has been great investment and incredible reward. This 1:1 mentoring program was a great way to stay on track and work through new goals each week. I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking to take their passion project and/or business to the next level with confidence!! FIVE STARS

– Liz Wluka
Director of Athletic Nutrition


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How Will I Be Matched With A Coach?

Once you express interest in our mentoring program, we will do everything we can to learn about you, your preferred coaching style and your goals. We do this by having you fill out an extensive pre-work form AND chatting with a member of our team on a free discovery call.

Following the call, our team meets internally before pairing you with the coach that will best serve those needs!

How Often Do I Meet With My Coach & For How Long?

Each coaching call lasts 60 minutes. However, in addition to your designated call times, you also have access to your coach via email, phone and our digital community.

The frequency of meeting is determined by the mentoring package of calls you sign up for. We have tremendous flexibility so that whether you want just one call or weekly coaching, there’s a plan that works for you and your schedule!

What Do You Mentor People On?

Even the best coach or leader needs a coach of their own.

Whether you’re looking for career advice, are interested in starting a business, want feedback on an idea, want to learn how to build a more robust team, resolve relationship issues (at work or at home) or just need someone to help you identify blindspots and avoid making a big mistake- we pride ourselves in offering a full suite of solutions.


What Do I Get As A Part Of The Mentoring Program?

In addition to your 60 minute call(s), you’ll also get:

  1. A private folder with recordings of all calls
  2. Email / text access to your coach between calls
  3. Technical support help from the AoC team
  4. Free access to our private digital community
  5. Exclusive worksheets and resources