Personal & Professional Mentoring

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

– John C. Crosby

Step 1

Review Free Resources

In order to make the best use of our time together, please review the free downloadable resources page ahead of time.

This proactive step will ensure that we can enjoy a deeper conversation during the time of our call.

Step 2

Set up a call

Once you have reviewed these resources, simply click below to schedule a time to connect.

Looking for more?

Check out “The Coalition™”

Join a community of likeminded leaders who are committed to refining their craft and sharing their knowledge.

  • Free access to your choice of one of Brett’s online courses, Bought In or Valu(ed) ($497+ value)
  • Monthly calls with Brett (recorded & sent to you for easy review) ($130+ value)
  • Check-ins and guidance on monthly assignments related to your goals and aims
  • Private Facebook group reserved only for members of The Coalition™
  • Dedicated support team for questions and technical support
  • First access and discounted rates to live events and materials
  • A weekend with Brett & the rest of The Coalition™ in Atlanta at the 6-month mark
  • Opportunities for collaboration and/or guidance on projects and programs
  • 15% off Momentous Products (NSF & Informed-Choice Certified)


What if I want to schedule future calls or longer calls?

This is encouraged since most problems we all face are complex in nature. The best route here is to look into our AoC Apprentice Program as it offers the best value for consistent collaboration and communication.

I have a limited budget. Is There wiggle room for negotiation?

Of course! I will always do my best to accommodate everyone I can. Through my work as a board-member for a non-profit organization, I perform “Pro-bono” work numerous times over the course of a year. In full-transparency I still need to be fair to current mentees and associates who pay for ongoing mentorship and guidance.


Other coaches I’ve spoken to don’t charge for their time. What makes you so different?

Believe it or not, sadly I have received a small number of questions of this nature and tone. While I cannot speak for other coaches, for me, time is a commodity that cannot be replaced, and providing for my family must remain my first priority. I have yet to find professionals of any kind (doctors, dentists, lawyers, handymen etc.) who routinely work for free and insist upon not being paid for their time, expertise and guidance. I believe strength coaches should be no different, and that after a certain point- what you pay for is what you get in terms of quality information and guidance.


Are all topics open for discussion?

Yes. The only topics I abstain from are those related to my business relationships with other teams, organizations or the like. To respect their privacy, these are protected by mutual non-disclosure agreements and are no different than coaches in an organization who agree to not disclosing sensitive/private details about their team, organization or athletes. Similarly, I take YOUR privacy seriously and will not discuss anything with those outside of our conversation.