(and other lies we’ve told ourselves…)

The First Tactical Guide For Coaches Who Want To Take Control of Their Finances 

Somehow, being “not about the money” has become a virtue signal for coaches who pride themselves on being in the field for the “right” reasons.

Don’t get it twisted- wanting to support your kids through college, pay off student loans, save for an enjoyable retirement and even have the money to take your family on vacation is right too.

For those who want to learn the truth about money, retirement, savings, investments and the nuances of each, here’s a powerfully simple resource dedicated to dispelling myths and providing you with actionable answers to the questions that have stumped even the interested investor.

What You’ll Learn:

The difference between IRA and 401K  retirement options, how to optimize each

The difference between good and bad debt, and how to invest while you’re in it

How to invest & what to invest in depending on your long term goals

What to look for in a financial advisor and how to pick the best!

What You’ll Get:

Podcast style Q&A between Brett & his father (a financial advisor)

Full audio transcript of their conversation

Glossary of Terms: IRA, 401k, Mutual Funds, Index Funds, Bonds, Credit, LLC, CFP

Workbook of financial planning questions


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