The Art of Coaching

Self-Reflection Guide

How do we avoid letting blind spots blur our vision for the future?
How can we not only reflect but take advantage of change?

Face it, reflecting is great, but having a strategy is better!

Those who have experienced adversity know that true progress comes from struggle because those who struggle learn to adapt.

But it’s not enough to just adapt; we must harnesses the lessons from both our successes and failures to develop a strategy moving forward.

To do that, we must start by recognizing our blind spots and shortcomings so we can concentrate on them as we move forward.

Are you ready?

Within this resource you’ll find 150 questions to reflect on the past and strategize for what’s to come- both personally & professionally.

Questions like:

What is something you got rid of that took a huge weight off of your chest (e.g. a bad relationship, clutter in your house, a job that consumed your soul, or a gray hair in your beard)?

What is it like to be coached or led by you when you’re stressed or not at your best?

What would it take for you to break or rethink one of your own sacred rules of leadership?

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