How do we avoid letting blind spots blur our vision for the future? How can we not only reflect but take advantage of change?

Face it, reflecting is great, but having a strategy is better!

Now that it’s over, many of us will be tempted to close the book on 2021 and pretend it didn’t happen.

That’s not reality.

Strategy comes from struggle. And those who struggle, learn to adapt.

The first step to improving yourself is to recognize your blind spots. Discover where you need work so you can concentrate on it as you move forward.

Are you ready?

Dive deep into your personal & professional successes and shifts from last year with questions like:

Describe a time where you had to completely improvise and were proud of how things turned out.

What strategies did you employ to stay engaged and focused during virtual interactions?

What specific strategies gave you the guidance needed in order to get out of your own head, and out of your own way?

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