Building Trust & Getting More Effort Out of Your Athletes

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Bought In is my action-oriented, research-backed course that teaches you how to create trust, resolve conflict and build buy-in. Get a sneak peek and receive a free video deconstructing four seriously effective influence tactics to be aware of.

In this snippet you'll learn:

  • How you can use “talking in color” to create more trust with athletes
  • The important difference between “task-based outcomes” and “relation outcomes”
  • The pitfalls of using “arguments” and “rational persuasion” to get athletes to perform
  • How one of the most popular influence techniques used by most coaches can actually backfire

Four seriously effective influence tactics for coaches


Brett Bartholomew is a strength and conditioning coach, best-selling author of Conscious Coaching, adjunct professor, and Founder of The Art of Coaching. He has worked with world-class athletes in both the team setting (NCAA and professional), as well as individually along with members of the United States Special Forces community and Fortune 500 companies.

Four seriously effective influence tactics for coaches