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A Professional Community Centered on Gaining Clarity, Accountability, and Building Momentum

Why Join The Coalition™?

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. Nobody wants to waste it, and once it is gone, we can never get it back. The Coalition™ guides those looking to improve by helping them avoid the potentially costly pitfalls and mistakes that come as a result of not learning from or collaborating with others who have shared experiences & similar goals.

The Coalition™ is an immersive accountability and community-focused mentoring group for coaches and leaders of all types who are looking to build momentum within their careers while avoiding these costly mistakes.

Coaches from all over the world have joined our 6-month mentoring program with goals ranging from enhancing their business knowledge, refining their coaching practices, broadening their professional network and enhancing their personal/professional relationships.

All topics are fair game, and neither your age nor experience level matters whatsoever.

The small group oriented structure allows for deeper discussions and enhances our ability to work together to accomplish your goals.

I created The Coalition™ because I never had the benefit of a “true mentor” and having to learn these lessons myself cost me a tremendous amount of time and money.

I’m certainly no guru, I simply want to be the guide and facilitator I wish that I had earlier in my career. My goal is to create a community that is focused on collaboration as opposed to ego-based competition; that community is The Coalition™

The Coalition™ is not for everybody. Just as is the case with life, being a part of this program requires an investment of time, effort, and finances of all parties; myself included.

If you’re interested in connecting with other high-level coaches like yourself and crave structured accountability work over the next six months, apply below!



Actively participating within your small group is the most important part of your experience.

As a member of The Coalition™, you’ll connect every two weeks with the other members of your group for a 75-minute virtual meeting. On this call you’ll cover curriculum related to branding, business, communication and leadership as well as present ideas, provide and receive feedback and answer tough questions.



At the end of your 6-month mentorship, we’ll host you for an all-expenses-paid in-person retreat. 

This is a time to relax, clarify and realize the hard work you’ve put in during your time in The Coalition™. Challenge and pressure test the project and goals you’ve been working on, interact directly with the community you’ve cultivated, and enjoy the experience as Brett and the AoC crew cook your meals.



We will challenge you to identify what’s holding you back, what you want to build, and then help you design a plan to get there. 

This is a group where we teach and apply tactical communication and business-related strategies. A place where people who know they have more to give come to work at refining what it is they have to offer and how to get it to the people that need it the most.

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Twice A Month Zoom Meetings

  • 75 minutes in length
  • All meetings recorded for review at any time
  • Sessions include specific curriculum and tactical assignments
  • Members engage in “hot seat” sessions to promote accountability
  • Small groups size ensures every person has time to share & contribute

Private Virtual Communities

  • Personal Facebook community for just your group
  • Access to our larger Art of Coaching community
  • Free subscription to our Marco Polo (All-Access) Channel
  • Video first platforms to encourage direct interaction
  • A safe place to converse and convene between sessions

All Expenses Paid Retreat

  • After 6 months get together for a multi-day retreat
  • Food, drink, and lodging provided by Art of Coaching
  • Codify the relationships you’ve invested in
  • Crystallize and get feedback on what you’ve been working toward

The Coalition™ Alumni

Where they’re from


(Some of) What they’ve accomplished

Successfully launched online coaching businesses to help supplement their income

Brought in $10,000+ and scaled a virtual symposium largely without the use of social media

Gained clarity in areas of their life that were burning them out and keeping them from spending time with family

Rebranded themselves to build a speaking business & consult with organizations outside of their primary sphere of influence

What they’re saying

I am not an entreprenuer (yet). I haven’t developed a successful side business. But I do know what I am and what I am not. I had the strength to quit a toxic job that I wouldn’t have just a few months ago… This group gave me the confidence to dive much deeper into my interests and finish my PhD in Sport Pedagogy. I know my research direction after spending two years completely lost. I have renewed focus and a healthy obsession with my craft. 

I know I am just getting started and have a long way to go toward financial sucess, but I have grown more as a man in tthe last five months that I thought possible.

Hayden Mitchell

I joined the Coalition not really sure what to expect, but knowing it was better than the alternative: doing nothing and continuing as I was. It wasn’t all smooth sailing from there – I tried out numerous ideas & approaches during the first 2-3 months that didn’t feel quite right. But this time I had a group and a leader that wouldn’t let me give up. I became more consistent than I ever had before, and as a result, finally landed on something that feels right.

I wanted to end the 6-month program with a plan and a feeling of clarity and confidence. I achieved that and a whole lot more, thanks to everyone involved.

Seb Moran

When I joined The Coalition I felt directionless in my business. I had ideas of what I DIDN’T want but felt stagnant on a path to take. I knew I wanted to be more independent and self-assured in marketing myself but had very little confidence in doing that or what that might look like. Finding my own voice and getting myself out there in more meaningful ways… felt overwhelming.

I went from ~90% through the gym with limited income, working my ass off hustling for clients who ultimately were not a match to ~75% gotten independently at a higher price point with being more of who I am. I also scheduled a workshop I’ve been hiding from for about a year.

Moira Fauth



Free access to your choice of one of Brett’s flagship digital courses, Bought In, Valu(ed) or Blindspot ($497+ value)


25% off Momentous Products (NSF & Informed-Choice Certified)

The Coalition

First access and discounted rates to live events and materials


Registration is currently closed for our current group but you can apply now to be accepted into our July 2022 group!

Help us get to know you, your obstacles, and your goals better. We’re listening.

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