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We have a smart, driven audience who cares deeply about improving the communities around them, producing exceptional work, and living high-impact lives. They don’t only listen to our episodes, they take action!

Art of Coaching/Brett is a highly trusted and sought-after figure in the realms of high-performance, professional sports, leadership, and business for over a decade.

Your brand will have evergreen exposure to new listeners every week, both through our channels and those of our featured guests. This means your message will constantly be absorbed by new listeners years after it initially went live.

Since its inception in 2019, The Art of Coaching Podcast saw explosive growth of more than 409% in less than 12-months. It did this by “cutting the fluff” shared by most celebrity driven podcasts, and focusing on hard-hitting topics centered around behavior change, real-world leadership and communication. Our content speaks to a broad, intelligent audience hungry for true self-improvement, not cliches.

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Listeners From More Than 136 Countries Call The Art of Coaching Podcast “Home”

53% of listeners are 25-34 years old
23% of listeners are 35-44 years old
78% of listeners are men
22% are women

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Professional & Olympic Athletes

Military, First-Responders & Police Officers

Physical Therapists & Physicians

CEOs, Entrepreneurs, & Business Leaders

TV & Radio Personalities

University Professors, Researchers & Innovators

Performance Coaches & Sports Scientists

20% Of Our Guests Are Female Entrepreneurs, Authors, Researchers, and/or Coaches

Art of Coaching/Brett has consulted with high-level organizations such as:

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