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On this show we don’t shy away from sensitive topics. We aim to bring you real, honest and important conversations.

Today’s episode is exactly that. Nate Hoffmeister is a father, husband, coach, and entrepreneur. But he’s also a divorced dad of two. And while this is a narrative shared by many, there are few who have been willing to publicly talk about their experience. Even if his story of divorce doesn’t speak to you directly, his vulnerability, candor and lessons learned will definitely reframe how you approach ALL relationships. 

Join our conversation as we discuss:

  • The stigma men face when asking for help 
  • What happens when you fail to practice what you preach…
  • Reframing divorce and the positives of heartbreak 
  • Counseling – is it for me?
  • Talking to kids about divorce 

Nate isn’t just a great storyteller and human being, he’s also the creator of an incredible community that supports and educates men who are navigating broken situations including the prison system and divorce. Click here to learn more!

Connect with Nate:

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Via Instagram: @the.n.8

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