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  • I’ve been listening to the podcast for almost a year now. Coach B seems to always have a new viewpoint, perspective, or idea that has so much merit in our day to day lives.  Communication.  It is something I have struggled with for my entire life.  This podcast has given me new outlooks that are helping to shape me into a better coach, friend, and ultimately a better human being.  From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for the information you share with us on a weekly basis.  You’re a rockstar.  Keep rocking! With love and appreciation,

    Currie Byrd
  • Every minute I make to listen to Brett is time well invested. He is easy to listen to as well as extremely informative and has a plethora of knowledge and experience.  I get the sense that he truly wants to elevate his listeners to learn something... each episode.  His authenticity and enthusiasm is refreshing and contagious.  The addition of AOC Reflection Downloads is BRILLIANT.  This makes for a powerful way to recall points of the podcast.  Carry on Brett.  I’m just one of your many fans.  It’s been awesome watching you grow over the years.  Congrats to you and Liz with the birth of your son!

    Donna Stone LMT
  • The Art of Coaching Podcast is a breath of fresh air on the podcast scene.  Real life examples of everyday situations and factors that impact daily activities.  Brett’s conversational style allows for the authenticity of the situation to come through.  This isn’t always possible with a question and answer format.  The podcast reflection sheets (available on site) aid in applying the learning from the episode.  Coaches, teachers, athletes, support staff, medical teams, and everyone who interacts with other people will benefit from listening to this podcast.  I highly advocate subscribing to the podcast.  Take the guess work out of knowing when a new episode is available.  

  • The Art of Coaching Podcast is a MUST for any and everyone who is a coach in any capacity, or even of any profession.  Not only are coaching strategies discussed, but Brett does a wonderful job leading engaging conversations that can help level up your daily life.  Many think  of discussing sets and reps as “coaching”, but the internal qualities of grit, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, and a desire to get better at your craft are really where the best coaches are developed. I have been listening to an episode daily to get caught up to date, and cannot recommend this podcast (as well as the book) enough!Thanks Brett, for the quality work that you do within our field, and for being a great leader.

    Emily Zaler
  • Brett’s style of interviewing is unique and deeply engaging.  He is a master at driving toward the root of a topic, and it results in a show that packs a lot of wisdom into digestible episodes.  Keep up the great work, and can’t wait for more.

  • This podcast has become a staple on my drive to work.  Brett does a phenomenal job of bringing in guests from a multitude of professional backgrounds to help demonstrate the importance of building relationships, being a leader and holding yourself accountable.  I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is looking to enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills.  

    Ed Pilgrim
  • I’ve been listening to Brett for a while now and every podcast I listen to provides VALUE!  Concepts and ideas that can be directly applied into my coaching, mindset or business practices.  Plus, he has awesome reflection sheets so you can really focus on applying what you hear.  To my fellow strength coaches - freakin’ listen to an episode.  You won’t regret it.