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What’s in it for you?


Between our live events, podcast, digital courses and more, your work will touch more than 2 million people across 48 countries and counting.


Our initiatives will provide you with the benefit of working and collaborating with top organizations in and out of the performance industry.


As an innovator in the space of leadership and communication science you’ll be on the frontlines of helping us shape a new approach to personal and professional development.


Our career opportunities provide maximum flexibility for you to work wherever and whenever you’d like.


Everyone on our team wears a lot of hats and is asked to get out of their comfort zone. This provides you with unprecedented opportunities for improvement.

What positions are available?

Content Manager

Develop an engaging and impactful content strategy, and help curate practical resources, (both written and visual), that guide leaders around the world on their journey to help others.

Visual Storyteller

Share your unique thoughts, strategies, and insight with a large audience through the creation of infographics, presentations, illustrations, and imagery which will captivate and inform leaders looking to improve both personally and professionally.

Podcast Engineer

Be directly involved with the continued growth of an industry-leading, grass-roots podcast that grew over 409% in one year, and is on pace for over a million total downloads through covering topics that serve real-people doing their best to be resourceful in everyday leadership scenarios.


Leverage your talents of “speaking through your pen” to an audience in an informed yet engaging manner by creating blog posts, articles, and educational supplements to our digital courses and live events.

Chief Everything Officer

You read that title right! If you are someone who has a wide range of talents and wants to have your hands in a little bit of everything from content creation, marketing, education, social media/newsletters, and the like then this is the position for you. Only the most committed in terms of follow-through and focus should apply for this role.

Social Media Manager

Our message is one that is raw, real, yet, respectful. We take great pride in sharing insight that may be challenging to the individual and the collective; especially during a time when most other brands want to stay with what is “safe.” We are looking for those who have an authentic voice and know that communication is what matters most when building relationships with our audience, and human being in general.

Application Process

Step 1

Start off by letting us know you’re interested! Give us an idea of who you are and what you could bring to the company using the form below.

Step 2

We will take some time to review the application and information you provided to see if we believe you’re a good fit for one of the roles we have available now or in the future.

Step 3

If we believe there’s a place for you here at Art of Coaching, we will let you know and keep your resume on file.

Step 4

If a role becomes available that you’re a good fit for – we will reach out! Then you can decide if you’d like to join our team!


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