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Today’s episode is another quick hitter that revolves around doing what’s best for you and not always doing what others might be doing.  I dive into a list I created for myself that I try to follow everyday in order for me to have a complete day.  Even if you might not be attached to to-do lists, I still believe you will find this episode useful if you are dealing with some sort of conflict whether it be personally or professionally.  Below you will find the categories I have listed for myself to follow and I will break these down for you on today’s episode.

  • Spousal
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Recreational
  • Spiritual

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  • Anna Simoneau

    Love the quick hit!! Also liked the thought of having a “complete” day rather than productive by way of categories instead of specifics. Makes for a more complete life. And It’s easy to feel worthless if I’m not “productive.”

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