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“I’d love to, but I just can’t swing it financially.” 

If you’ve ever wanted to take a vacation, fix something in your house, take a certain course or certification, get a virtual assistant, or even start a side business but couldn’t because you didn’t have the extra time or money… you’re not alone. 

Today’s episode is all about how to leverage what you already know and do well to help you earn more side cash and not stress about the financial side of things so much. We reveal simple ways to make your current experiences, literally, pay off.  For example – 

  • How to use the conversations you already have to your advantage (14:15)
  • Different ways to monetize your current skills and abilities (18:50)
  • Website, apps and other FREE resources that can help you budget, organize, and save
  • How to create an attractive user experience around a product you’ve already created (48:50)

AND MORE.  Honestly, it’s too much to put into bullet points- you’ll just have to check it out.

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