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The prospect of assigning a dollar amount to your time can evoke feelings of frustration, guilt, confusion and imposter phenomenon. 

And yet, whether you’re salaried, hourly or a business owner / entrepreneur, it’s essential to know what your time is worth. Not only will this calculation help you to decide between opportunities, it’ll allow you to communicate your value and build a healthy relationship with money. 

Today’s episode will be a deep dive into how to confidently communicate what you’re worth, decide what to charge and how to not feel guilty doing so. We’ll discuss tactical strategies for understanding what variables should go into your decision as well as:

  • Two different strategies for calculating what your time is worth
  • Why it doesn’t matter what you charge so long as you OVER-deliver
  • How to train yourself out of poor habits / unhealthy relationships with money
  • How to know when and what to give away for free

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