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“I’m sorry.”

Depending on the context, these can be some of the hardest words to say.  

Whether it’s because emotions are running high, you aren’t sure what you’re sorry for (but you feel it’s what the other party wants to hear), or any number of other conflict resolution scenarios, these words often get used and abused, making their impact dull or unintentional.

In today’s episode, we define and address the do’s and don’ts of conversational repair, and reveal some common case studies showing the use of these tactics in real life situations.  Some of the core principles discussed include:

  • Using an apology as a starting point – the beginning of a new set of behaviors (11:10)
  • Having the right timing (12:25)
  • Knowing when or how an apology will actually make things worse (13:40)
  • How to not over-apologize (16:35)

These are meant to help you formulate a research – backed game plan when going into these types of high risk conversations, so that you can avoid the unintentional consequences that so often occur.

Because the fact is that apologies are a messy part of life and leadership, and they will always be required at some level. 

Listed below are the materials referenced in this week’s episode:

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