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Communication never happens by accident, yet so many accidents happen as a result of poor communication.

Communication is not a singular act and it’s not something you can merely “pick-up” by watching an eloquent speaker. Communication is a skill. Communication is a strategic enterprise.  Communication is a process.

Like any process, communication has many different components: components that span far beyond the simple verbal and non-verbal elements we hear so much about in pop-psychology tomes, textbooks, or leadership clinics.

These components are not often recognized or thought of by the average individual because they aren’t taught despite the critical role they play in your ability to become a better communicator.  So join me today as I dive into the things we don’t hear as much about so we can gain a real edge on the past versions of ourselves and any external competition.

The communication components we will cover today:

  1. Communicators

  2. Message

  3. Medium

  4. Channel

  5. Code

  6. Noise

  7. Feedback

  8. Context

Just as a great detective looks for what is missing when it comes to solving a mystery, a great communicator looks to ensure they consider all of the components above when it comes to connecting with others.

By the end of today’s episode, you will be able to identify where a miscommunication originated and have a better chance of preventing it from happening again!

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