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Truly objective perception isn’t just difficult, it’s nearly impossible. That means everyday, despite your best efforts, people will interpret your actions, words, and behaviors differently than you intended. 

It’s the same reason why there are Michelin star restaurants certain people love and others hate; nobel prize winners some revere and others think are a hack. 

While we can’t control people’s perceptions, the more we understand them, the more we can influence them… 

Today’s episode is all about acknowledging and appreciating the multitude of factors that affect perception so we can bridge the gap with our communication and work to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings. 

We cover:

  • The 8+ variables affecting perception & how to identify them
  • The ONLY tool that can help bridge a perceptual gap  
  • The Better Than Average Effect + Theory of Mind: why they matter
  • Two ESSENTIAL questions to ask when you’ve been misunderstood 

As mentioned in this episode, if you’re looking for more reading on perception, check out this previously redacted article: Mokusatsu: One Word, Two Meanings.

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