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Are you in a job or situation where you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, under-appreciated or just ready for something new?  

We hear you! You’re not alone.

If you’re considering leaving and/or going out on your own, there are some essential questions to ask yourself before taking the leap.

On today’s episode, I’ll give you not only a comprehensive guide to some of the factors you need to consider,  but also some of the questions I wished someone would have asked me before I made the jump:

  • What is it about my current situation that is making me consider another option?
  • If I’ve been feeling this way for a while, why haven’t I left yet?
    • Affective Commitment
    • Normative Commitment 
    • Continuance Commitment
  • Do I have the risk/ stress tolerance to deal with the ambiguity and uncertainty?
  • What do I consider being “productive?”

This episode just scratches the surface of questions that are answered much more thoroughly in our online course Blindspot, which is ON SALE right now for a limited time.  If you are considering going out on your own, you need to check out this resource so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.  And if you’re not ready to spend the money to do your homework before taking the risk, then you are NOT READY to go out on your own!

But if you are ready, if you have a plan, if you’re ready to stay the course when ambiguity and uncertainty are at their highest, if you’re ready to weather the storms, Art of Coaching would be honored to provide you with the necessary resources to get started.  

Check out Blindspot now, and use the code GROW30 for 30% off.  Don’t wait.  The offer is for a limited time only!

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