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We’ve all had what we thought was a great idea: a new invention that’ll make us millions, the perfect scheme to get back at our petty neighbor, the solution to end world hunger… 

Okay maybe nothing that grand, but you get the point; There are hundreds of ideas that play bumper cars in our minds on a daily basis. 

And yet, the majority of these ideas stay there, rotting away because we lack the tools to put them out into the world and/or confidence to ensure they survive first contact with the “enemy” (which is often ourselves). 

Today’s episode is chock full of tools / strategies to help you get your best ideas out of your head and into the world. We’ll cover: 

  1. What to do if you can’t think of any good ideas
  2. Essential questions to ask before moving forward with an idea
  3. Mind Mapping: populating, connecting & Sorting and pressure testing
  4. Brainstorming: rules of engagement 

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