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There are a lot of negative stereotypes surrounding “sales.”  Everything from the “sleazy car salesman” to the “lifestyle lush” to the “credibility crackpot” – there’s no shortage of these! So it makes sense why so many of us have some level of discomfort when we think about selling something.

But the truth is that “sales” is an every-day part of our lives – whether it’s at work, at home, or in our social circles, selling is unavoidable.

So to help ease any insecurities you might have about the topic, and/or to help you become more purposeful in your sales approach and strategy, today’s episode covers the Do’s, Don’ts and Core Principles behind the sales process.  Specifically,

  • The essential information you need to tailor your message appropriately
  • Why so many of us have insecurities about the idea of sales
  • How to keep your messaging consistent and build trust with your audience
  • Critical questions and considerations for your communication strategy

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