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The pursuit of personal and professional growth can be exhausting.  It requires consistent open-mindedness, regular introspection, daily accountability and a willingness to challenge our own beliefs and opinions.

And let’s be honest – admitting you’re wrong is never fun or easy.

So, to help you in this pursuit, we want to share a list of 10 of our favorite reflection questions.   We’ve not only used ourselves as a self-awareness tool, but also with our staff, family and friends to spark purposeful discussion, and to gain the outside perspective we need to reveal our blindspots.  We hope you’ll benefit from them as much as we have!

Find a list of all 10 questions (plus a fun bonus question) by downloading our Podcast Reflection Questions if you haven’t already done so. And if you have any other questions that you’ve found particularly helpful, and you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them!  You can reach us directly at

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