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We enhance your ability to communicate, connect and build lasting buy-in with those you serve.


How to Become a Trusted Coach That Gets the Best from Every Athlete, Skillfully Resolves Conflict, and Builds Strong Relationships With Other Coaching Staff.

It took me the first 6 years of my career to understand that any training program I created was only as good as my athletes’ willingness to buy into it – but I don’t want you to have to wait years to start acquiring the tools and tactics to build buy-in that lasts.

At some level you’re probably already aware that improving your communication and influence tactics would lead to greater buy-in and better outcomes, but you may not be sure how to put them into operation. This course is designed to help you develop an immediate action plan to start developing greater buy-in, while understanding the psychological principles that underpin human behavior.


The only course of its kind for coaches who want to land the job they’ve always wanted, make more money to provide their families with stability, and stand out within their organizations for all the right reasons.

Backed by over 150 studies and decades of real-life experience, Valued will help you understand the current landscape, assess your own professional situation, and take the steps necessary to give your coaching career its most important trait: viability.

Over the span of 8 in-depth modules, you will get practical strategies for every aspect of your career in S&C — including job hunting, overcoming and preventing professional burnout, building unique skill sets that will give you an edge, dealing with financial struggles, managing contract negotiations, marketing yourself for a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace, and becoming a valuable asset to your organization and network.