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There is always a cost to leadership – whether you’re on the management side of things, you just view yourself as a simple coach, or you have a family and you have to work on being the best parent or spouse you can.

There is a cost to it all. 

And although we all have our own journey and our own struggles, I bet you know very few people who have had to manage all of that – running a business, having a spouse/ family, and also simultaneously battling an extremely rare form of cancer all during a pandemic.  Well, that is just what Jennifer Broxterman – our guest today – has had to do, although that is far from what defines her.

Jennifer Broxterman is a Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist. She’s the founder of PROSPER Nutrition Coaching, a world-class nutrition certification designed specifically for gym owners and coaches. She’s also a Foods & Nutrition university professor, and writer for Precision Nutrition. She’s worked with clients from NHL hockey players and Olympic athletes, to everyday folks looking to eat and feel better.

In today’s episode, we talk about the role of leadership in coaching, developing business skills when you’re somebody that is actually just really in love with your trade, and how eating disorders can develop as a result of unhealthy behaviors and habits. 

More specifically we cover:

  • The one piece of information that served as a game changer in her career (24:10)
  • Hacks on how to make the healthy choice the easy choice (33:25)
  • Specific examples of how to be an architect of your environment (42:40)
  • Tips on managing your child’s nutrition in a healthy way (59:00)

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