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This was by far the hardest episode I’ve ever had to record. And yes, I phrase it that way purposefully; telling this story is something I very much view as a responsibility.

So where do I begin?

It’s true- at this point many people know bits and pieces of my story but there’s still much I haven’t shared. Today’s episode is the full, unabridged, unapologetic, uncensored saga of my hospitalization and subsequent recovery.

Compassion comes in many forms so I won’t bullshit you- today we’re going to discuss hard things. If you’re looking for someone to talk platitudes and cliches, you’re in the wrong place; if you’re ready for the hard truth and for tools to confront the condition, this one’s for you. 

Truthfully, today’s episode is one I wish I would have had when I was going through this myself.  

We’ll dive deep into the research, how the behavior develops in the first place (underlying causes and contributing factors), who’s most at risk and what does (and doesn’t work) when trying to work your way through it. Most importantly, I’ll address these factors from both sides: the caretaker and the individual going through it. 

Do me (and your loved ones) a favor and share this episode. There are people who need to hear this because they’ve been lied to, misled and shamed into thinking their eating or exercise disorder is abnormal. Not only that, these problems extend much further than we all realize and probably afflict countless people you know but who haven’t said anything to you about it. 

Lastly, if you or anyone you love are dealing with the issues discussed in this episode, please take a look at the links provided below- they are by no means a diagnostic tool or a sufficient solution but they can get you started:


For more on this story, check out my book- Conscious Coaching. 

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