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Rejection is tough.

It can make you feel disrespected and insulted, doubt your skill and value, and even cause you to give up on your efforts completely.

On the other hand, rejection can be one of the most useful forms of feedback you’ll ever receive, and can even result in a more creative and optimal product or service if you handle it the right way.

In today’s episode, I break down and analyze a real life case study – a situation where an individual’s proposal was rejected – and expand on the reasons why her initial response didn’t lead to her desired result and how she can handle it differently in the future.

Specifically, I talk about:

  • Why rejection can be so difficult to handle (7:05)
  • How to create a zone of possible agreements (15:20)
  • How to benefit from rejection (27:15)
  • Ways to practice handling rejection & your negotiation skills (32:20)

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