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Despite the stereotypical notion that having insecurities makes you “weak” or means something’s wrong with you, the fact is- feeling insecure is a universal experience. 

It’s not a personality trait, but a state of being; And a very NORMAL part of being human.

With that said, in addition to debunking the misconceptions surrounding what it means to be insecure, in today’s episode we also cover why people can feel this way and how to handle it.  We specifically cover:

  • What causes these feelings and why they are more intense for some than others (10:05)
  • How to spot insecurities in yourself and others (19:20)
  • Specific strategies to work through your own insecurities OR help others through theirs (22:40)
  • 10 insecurity archetypes to help us recognize the manifestation of insecurities in our day-to-day lives (31:20)

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