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When I first released my book Conscious Coaching, I had no idea the chapter about Archetypes would cause such a stir. Since then, the idea of using terms like Wolverine, Skeptic, Royal, and Technician to classify general patterns of human behavior has continued to ignite controversy and debate for coaches and leaders alike.

In this episode I’m going to put some of this controversy to rest because while the terms and ideas are still accurate, the surrounding context, interpretations and use of the framework have become convoluted and misconstrued. 

First and foremost, archetypes are universal and recognizable patterns of human behavior. They are simple heuristics that can be used to make a complex system (humans) slightly more comprehensible. Organizing them into a unifying roadmap can be important and helpful but in no way is it meant to be a complete nor static solution for approaching human interaction.

 In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What archetypes are & what they are not 
  • How archetypes can be misperceived and misinterpreted
  • Using archetypes to understand behavior and become a better leader
  • Revisiting common archetypes and the overarching framework  

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If you’re looking for more on the concept of Archetypes, you can check out the podcast reflection sheets (they accompany every episode) and our online course Bought In (the sequel to the book that started it all Conscious Coaching). 

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