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Early in his career, Matt Morrison – Integrated Logistics Support Manager at Lockheed Martin – was given the best leadership advice he’s ever received: 

“You LEAD people and you MANAGE money and processes.”

And lead he has. 

In addition to his role at one of the world’s largest organizations, Matt has a military background and plenty of experience navigating the intersection between systems and people – most of whom he has no authoritative power over.

In today’s episode, he talks about how to lead people up and down the chain of command, as well as develop the skills necessary to do so effectively.  In addition, Matt and I cover a variety of other topics, including:

  • How to practice and develop the skill of saying the right thing at the right time (13:50)
  • The science behind why admitting your faults has a positive effect on a relationship (34:00)
  • Tips for exercising emotional control in high stress situations (35:50)
  • Ways to stand out in a large organization (43:00)

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