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From the outside looking in, there doesn’t seem to be a lot in common between negotiating with a criminal to release hostages and coaxing your child to turn in their homework on time. 

And yet, in both of these difficult situations there are some common strategies that are overwhelmingly effective; Both require tactical listening, curiosity and patience. 

Today’s guest, former hostage negotiator Derek Gaunt, teaches us how to approach high stakes conversations so you can better influence the other person and more effectively (and quickly) resolve conflict when there’s a lot on the line. Specifically, we discuss:

  1. Why hostage negotiation is the same as any negotiation
  2. How to remain curious in a triggering conversation
  3. Ways to practice negotiation without being in one
  4. The key to influencing to anyone and everyone
  5. How to deal with irrational people and behavior

Derek Gaunt is a lecturer, author of Ego, Authority, Failure©, and trainer with 29 years of law enforcement experience, 20 of which as a team member, leader and then commander of hostage negotiations teams in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. He is a hostage negotiation and incident command subject matter expert who frequently speaks at hostage negotiations and SWAT conferences across the country.

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