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Less than 31.5% of the US working population report being “engaged” in their work.

51% report being “not engaged”.

And 17.5% report being “actively disengaged”. (Gallup, 2014)

With numbers like that, it should come as no surprise that many of us feel like we’re dealing with lazy or unmotivated staff members. 

But why? Is it a lack of ambition? Of skills and abilities? Of work ethic? Of character? Or is it something else?  

Today’s episode will help you identify what’s causing your staffing woes as well as give you a blueprint for re-engaging and motivating them. 

Before giving up or moving toward firing, give this a listen: 

  • How to assess what’s causing the lazy behavior (9:45)
  • Figuring out if you’re being too trait focused (17:50)
  • Identifying the best influence tactics to be used in the given context (25:55)
  • When to consider if a restructuring of roles is an option (35:00)

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At the end of the day, none of these points are mind blowing or overly complex.  They are basic and straightforward, but often overlooked.  Don’t be the leader that gives up on someone, then watches them go change the world working with your competition.

It’s about context and creativity, patience and pragmatism.

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