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What is your first thought or reaction when you get this text message?

“That’s fine.”

The sender could have meant “I agree with everything you just said/ suggested,” or “I have no opinion and will have no problem with the option you’ve chosen,” or “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard but I’m going with it because I don’t care to contribute to the decision.”  The issue with text messaging as the medium is that without any other incoming information, the receiver simply can not tell what the sender really means.

This is just one aspect of communication that must be considered when choosing the correct medium for your message.

Today’s episode will answer and discuss these popular questions:

  • What is meant by “medium” and what are the different types?
    • Presentational, Representational,  and Technological/ Mechanical         
  • How do I know which is the right one to use so I don’t give off the wrong impression?
    • Social Presence and Media Richness
  • How do I teach my teen (or anyone) to understand and apply this?

Also mentioned in today’s episode was E126: Eight Obstacles to Building Buy In.

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