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The most dangerous phrase in any organization is “because that’s how we’ve always done it”.  It’s the utterance of those scared of change, unwilling to think laterally, and clinging desperately to their comfort zone. Any true leader knows that in today’s rapidly evolving world, those who last will be those who adapt- plain and simple. 

As hard as change may be, imagine trying to implement it at the ground level of an organization steeped in tradition and hierarchy like the Army. That’s what today’s guest Captain Anna Zamora is trying to do; Not only has she been tasked with implementing a new culture surrounding soldier health and wellness, she has had to prove the viability of the program to those around her and above her. 

Captain Anna Zamora was a D1 strength coach from 2010-2020 with stops at Duke, Yale, UConn, Penn State, and DePaul. She’s been a member of the Army National Guard since 2010 and is currently a CPT of medical services and National Guard Director H2F at the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, VA. *You can find the rest of her bio below*

We cover:

  • Navigating micropolitics, power dynamics and stakeholders at work
  • How to promote change & influence senior leadership in your organization
  • A breakdown of how to design and use role-playing drills (and a live example!)
  • Strategies to make your first 100 days at a new job more successful

Connect with Captain Zamora:

Via Instagram: @aaliciaz

Also check out:

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Captain Zamora has also formerly been:

  • Enlisted 371st Sustainment Brigade- Ohio NG
  • Ground Ambulance Platoon Leader 141st Medical Company- CT NG.
  • Battalion Medical Officer & Medical Platoon Leader, 2-112th Infantry Battalion (Stryker) PA NG
  • Medical Operations Officer 108th MMB
  • Medical Logistics Officer 6-54th SFAB, IL NG
  • Illinois Project Officer H2F

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