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Without experiencing true difficulty, doubt, or adversity, it’s hard to know what any of us are really capable of. Truth is unless we’re thrust into such adversity, it’s nearly impossible to manufacture the type of hardship required to test our limits. 

Today’s guest, ESPN college basketball analyst Steffi Sorensen, has dealt with more than her fair share. And while she probably wouldn’t wish recent experiences on anyone, there’s no doubt she’s grateful for the resilience built along the way. Join us as we discuss her path and how she’s managed to turn doubters and difficult times into an advantage. 

Steffi was a former women’s basketball player at Florida, joined ESPN in 2011 as a color commentator, and is now a college basketball analyst and sideline reporter for SEC Network. She joined SEC Now as an analyst for the 2019-20 women’s basketball season. She was a sideline reporter for college football games on FOX Sports, as well as a fitness model and trainer. She spent one year playing professional basketball in France before starting as a color analyst for ESPN3 in 2010.

We discuss: 

  • Managing introversion as a public figure and professional speaker 
  • How to assert yourself and find your voice as a young professional
  • Finding your “on-air” personality without sacrificing authenticity 
  • Learning from and through mistakes made (even on national television)

Connect with Steffi:

Via Instagram: @steffi_sorensen

Via LinkedIn: Steffi Sorensen

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