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If you’re listening to this episode, you’re lying to yourself… But you’re not the only one.  

Turns out most of us aren’t honest about the REAL reason we do what we do. Why? Because being honest requires admitting we have selfish desires and that we haven’t put ourselves in positions to experience failure. Neither are inherently pleasant but both are required if we want to get out of our own way and make real progress. 

Today’s episode will be a wake up call for many of you. I won’t lie- it’s a hard hitter. But if you’re able to listen and dig deeper internally, I promise you’ll come away a better coach and leader. 

We’ll cover: 

  • The REAL questions you need to be asking yourself
  • Why it’s human (and necessary) to be selfish about certain things 
  • Ways to identify what you’re lying to yourself and others about 
  • The difference between experience and exposure and how to train the former 

At the end of the day- who you want to be does NOT matter if you haven’t figured out who you are.

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