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In 2009 a reckless driver lost control of his vehicle. The aftermath was a scene of twisted metal, blurred memories and a life forever altered. Kendell Bachik was paralyzed.

Rather than sink into darkness and accept the limitations echoed by many, Kendell focused on healing and proving naysayers wrong. Electing to look at therapies that were “outside the box”, Kendell trusted her recovery with strength coaches. Fast forward 2.5 years, she opened REACT, a neurological performance training facility. Her goal was to give others hope through her story, at a place where you felt “it” the moment you entered. She and her husband now lead a collective of coaches and therapists where people fighting neurological injury and disease come to defy the odds.

Kendell and I cover:

  1. What it’s like to be a mom, wife and business owner from a wheelchair 
  2. “Addressing the human, not the condition”
  3. Why she will always choose compassion over empathy 
  4. Can generating motion artificially build momentum organically?

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