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We’ve all experienced the individual that’s a little overzealous or involved when it comes to their child’s sport. Whether you’re a coach or fellow parent, how do you deal with this person? Is it possible to have productive conversations and change their behavior? Is it even worth our time? The answer to these questions is (in most cases) a resounding yes. It just requires some extra research, tact and self (yes, self) awareness. 

In this episode, I’ll give you practical tips for:

  • Recognizing the fundamental attribution error when addressing parents 
  • Asking better questions to understand their behavior
  • When, where and how to have the hard conversation
  • Achieving a productive result by making them part of the process

Effectively dealing with pushy sport parents comes back to the principles of Research, Relate and Reframe – the same ones I write about in my book, Conscious Coaching. If you haven’t picked up your copy you can do so by clicking here

For more on having hard conversations, generating better buy-in and tailoring your message to the person you’re dealing with, check out our online course, Bought In

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