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Why do we do the things we do? What influences the way we act, the method through which we communicate, the people we surround ourselves with…? 

We are complex creatures, and to better understand our behavior, we need to better understand what drives us. 

Through this enhanced understanding, we become more effective as communicators, and ultimately as leaders. We all do the things we do for a reason; some of these reasons may be subconscious, but they are not by accident.

Getting to the root of what drives your behavior can be difficult, so we created a resource that can help you take that first step toward understanding. 

Click here to take our BRAND NEW QUIZ and find out what makes you tick!

As I said before, we are complex creatures. So yes, use this quiz to understand your primary drive. But then take it again. Take it when you’re stressed, when you’re excited… After all, drives are fluid and context dependent. 

And don’t stop there! Once you’ve had enough fun, give it to your colleagues so you can better understand how to motivate them and generate buy-in. Heck, even use it on your kids and your loved ones to gain insight on how to be a better parent / partner. 

Remember, the quiz is just a starting point. No one fits neatly into one category. Life and social nature cannot be forced into a vacuum and this is just one piece of the puzzle. If you’re still struggling with becoming a better communicator, we can help you. Head to artofocaching/communication for more. 

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