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Guess who’s back, back again. Scotty’s back, tell a friend. No, seriously! Today, our first repeat guest is here to talk more about developing the skill of self-reflection (why a dark room and soothing music won’t do it for everyone), long lines at Costco and Mt. Everest, love languages and much, much more.

We cover:

  • Practicing self-reflection “in action”

  • How to be more of a human being and less of a “human-doer”

  • Why the need to earn an income prevents us from practicing communication

  • Observation: why you can’t just trust what someone’s saying

If you haven’t listened to his first episode, here’s a brief recap: Scott Livingston is a designer of human and organizational performance solutions who has worked in the high-performance sports world for more than thirty years. He has trained and re-built athletes at every level (including multiple Olympic and World Cup medalists). He worked for eleven seasons in the National Hockey League as an athletic therapist and strength and conditioning coach and now co-owns, an educational business dedicated to teaching leading edge practices in performance and reconditioning. His newest passion is his podcast, Leave Your Mark, where he interviews people from all walks of human performance exploring their personal life stories.

Connect with Scott:

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Scott has an incredibly interesting take on why we are able to recognize communication as an important skill but still don’t take the time to train it. If you’re like Scott and know this should be something you prioritize, come to our Apprenticeship! We not only offer a safe place to fail, we provide scientifically backed assessments, video feedback and practical strategies you can take back to your friends,  family and staff.

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