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Scott has been working in the field of athletic performance for twenty-five years. He is renown for his dedication to building a more efficient, effective, and resilient athlete using his ability to assess movement dysfunction and deliver corrective exercise, while merging such strategies with effective and specific performance training. He has trained and reconditioned athletes at every level including professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and college athletes, as well as highly motivated recreational athletes.

Topics Scott and I discuss on today’s episode:

  • Trying to understand the unique pieces that have cultivated the S&C profession
  • How do we manage the unrealistic expectations of accessibility and the sharing of free information
  • The importance of learning the skills of being an entrepreneur and shifting your mindset
  • The missing links that can lead to failures in our business partnerships along with personal relationships
  • The reflective practice of recognizing what zone you are in and managing life-load
  • Scott’s advice on recognizing the nature of every human being and discovering what helps you succeed

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