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Quality resume, solid references, abundant certifications and still can’t find a job in your field? Truth is, it’s probably not a matter of being “good enough” or having the proper letters after your name. So instead of rewriting that cover letter for the 15th time, let’s discuss what will actually help you land the job you want…

Join me as I cover:

  • What you’ll need in addition to a great resume…
  • How to find positions that actually fit your experience / skills
  • Living in the age of the “24/7” interview
  • Social media: helpful or hurtful when looking for jobs?

Guys, this episode is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want the go-to guide for all things finding, solidifying and maximizing the job, check out our online course – Valued. This resource will teach you the skills you need to become irreplaceable within your organization.

Not sure when to look for that next job or feeling undervalued in your current one? You’re in the right place… This free webinar will help you get “un-stuck” in your career.

If these tools still aren’t enough, here are a few more great (& FREE) resources:

  1. E99: Steven Moser: “Getting The Job and Nailing The Interview”
  2. “How To Get Ahead In Your Career” & other AoC YouTube content

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