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Relationships are hard.  Even if you’ve been with your better half for years, it can still be easy to miss the forest for the trees during busy times.  We know that when dealing with people miscommunication is the baseline, but does it have to be this way with those we love the most?

Today, we address a real-life situation sent in by one of our listeners and provide focused advice on how to have a difficult conversation with your spouse.  Nothing will haunt you like the spirit of the unsaid and if you or your partner’s needs aren’t being fulfilled, the road WILL become rocky.  How do we go about expressing ourselves without sounding needy?  How can you get what you want while enhancing the relationship for both of you?

In this highly practical episode, we discuss:

  • The dangers of assuming someone knows everything about you
  • How to ensure we’re not the problem and how to reverse course if we are
  • Practical ways to start the conversation and the one element that MUST be included
  • Research about unexpressed feelings and how to avoid this tragedy

If there are other topics you’d like us to dive into in our podcast, please let us know!  If you have a specific situation you need help with, we keep everything completely anonymous – nothing will be traced back to you.  You can reach us directly at or submit your questions HERE.

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