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Do you ever feel like people are tuning you out?  It can be EXTREMELY frustrating when you know your message or product isn’t landing with your audience.  What gives?  Why do some brands seem to resonate while others come off as white noise or unimportant?

Copywriting is the answer.  Even in this new, digital age writing skills are timeless.  There is both an art and science to delivering words to inspire others to take action and people need to feel something if you want their attention.  Understanding copywriting can completely change the way you approach marketing and turn passive bystanders into active participants.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just want to be a more informed consumer, understanding this form of writing is relevant to everyone.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  • What copywriting is and how it’s different from traditional writing
  • Where you use it and how it’s used on you in everyday life
  • Identify the essential characteristics of good copy and their psychological underpinnings
  • How to use the principles of copywriting to build better connections and inspire action

Today’s podcast topic came from a request from one of our listeners.  If you’d like us to discuss a topic you’re curious about or have a question of your own, submit it to us at  We also have a private community void of the normal distractions of social media, where you can connect with our facilitators and people just like you for more in-depth discussion and practical advice you can apply NOW!   Please reach out if you have any questions at

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