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You have to admit, it happens a lot.  You’ll be doing something mundane and BOOM, an amazing idea hits you that you’ll want to remember for later.  Only you don’t, and all of that potential slips away…  

The amount of books that go unwritten, keynote speeches undelivered, businesses or products not developed – the list is endless.  High-performers recognize the power of capturing these thoughts and have a system for seizing and converting them into something tangible that can add value to the world and change people’s lives. 

As with any topic, before you can figure out how to make it the most applicable to you, we must start from the beginning.  In this podcast we discuss:

  • How capturing ideas can reduce cognitive load
  • Developing a flexible structure that doesn’t stifle your personality 
  • Tips for organizing thoughts and ideas so you can recall them when the time is right
  • The many benefits of using voice memos that you’ve probably never considered before

We created this episode from the overwhelming number of responses we had to our episode with Andrew Coates on Information Overload.  If you’d like us to continue this series, or have suggestions or questions you’d like covered in a future episode, let us know at  

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