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What strained relationships are you currently facing or have you faced in the past?

As long as other people are involved, strained relationships can exist in any context and often are exasperated at the worst possible times, only to make things exponentially worse.  So how are you supposed to deal with them?

Today’s episode gives several examples of strained relationships, and is packed with ways for you to improve the ones you’re looking to reconcile.  Tune in to this quick hitter for

  • The pertinent questions to ask yourself before having the hard conversation
  • Tools to bring clarity and conciseness to your message
  • Strategies to get feedback on your communication before the actual interaction
  • How these same concepts apply to entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing

This episode was a result of a listener reaching out with a specific issue they were working through.  What situations are you in that you’d like to hear another perspective on?  We understand the risks you might be facing if you share “classified” information, so don’t worry.  We keep it all anonymous in order to protect both you and the other parties involved.  That said, I hope this episode will encourage you to share with us!  Go to to contact our team directly.

For a FREE and EASY list of reflection questions and an activity to help you apply this episode to your life, CLICK HERE.

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