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In the pursuit of being a better communicator, leader, coach, teammate, spouse, or friend, it’s easy for us to get caught up in our messaging – that is, WHAT we are saying.

And as ambitious individuals, we dive into the research.  With a bit of education, reflection, and feedback, we then realize that it’s not just the words themselves, but also HOW we say them, that matters.  Afterall, studies have shown that the actual words said only account for 7% of the perceived meaning!

But even when we take both of these things into consideration, we still seem to have misunderstandings.  That’s why today’s episode gives you several new pieces of the context to chew on as you reflect on previous interactions or strategize for upcoming conversations.

Some of the key topics covered in this episode are:

  • The questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you start to strategize your approach
  • Specific outlines and examples to use when approaching hard conversations
  • How to combat the fear of being taken the wrong way

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FULL DISCLOSURE ALERT: Despite running a company that is largely focused on communication and understanding, power dynamics and human interaction, I fall short a lot. My wife and I have been together for 13+ years. We still get into arguments, we still fight, and I lose my cool sometimes.  And for a long time, I felt like that made me a failure and a fraud. And then what I realized is it’s exactly what we talked about at Art of Coaching and why our products exist. None of us are ever going to be good enough at communication. It doesn’t matter what or how many degrees or certifications I have, how many books I’ve written, or how many people I’ve mentored along the way.  There’s always room for improvement, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my family and loved ones.

If you can relate to this, that’s where our work can help. We don’t do a bunch of pie in the sky solutions. We’re real people who have real flaws just like you, but we take a research backed and experienced based approach to help you improve in those areas that matter most. So if you want to improve as a communicator – whether it’s for your job, for your loved ones, or  for yourself, check out what we do at

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If you have specific questions or experiences you’d like to share, or if there’s any certain topics you’d like to hear us speak on, reach out to us directly at  Our community (that includes YOU) is the reason we do what we do!  We would love to hear from you and provide you with the specific value you’re looking for.

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