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If you’re like me, you often reflect on the things your parents, grandparents, or mentors have taught you.  

But have you ever asked them what they’ve learned from you? 

The answer may surprise you.

The life of Marsha Bartholomew has been no cakewalk.  From the challenges she faced growing up with a no-nonsense family, to a young female professional in a male dominated work-force, to motherhood, and beyond – the lessons she’s learned along the way provide insight and value to people in every walk of life.

In today’s episode, my mom expands on her life experiences, including a 38 year career with the Social Security Administration.  She speaks about:

  • The leadership secret that AI will never be able to replace 
  • How she overcame challenges she faced as a woman in the workforce in the ‘70s 
  • The tactics she used to create an achievement driven culture in an extremely diverse department 
  • The best and worst advice she’s ever received

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