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If there was anything you could talk about for hours on end, what would it be?  Maybe it’s a hobby, your work, the people you care about, or your favorite memories – it could be anything!

Now imagine if someone told you they wanted you to speak on that topic, but they only give you 45 minutes to do so.  They also don’t tell you anything about who you’re speaking to (outside of maybe their profession or field), or give any more specific clarification on the goal of the presentation.

How would you whittle that down?  How would you know which information to include and what to leave out?

As someone who’s been speaking for over a decade, I can honestly tell you that this circumstance happens more often than you might think. That’s why today’s quick hitter – the first of a series on public speaking – covers some baseline principles, tips and strategies on how to handle this situation or others like it, specifically:

  • How to increase the clarity and specificity of your topic (2:55)
  • Which research is necessary for an effective presentation (7:00)
  • Two easy-to-remember guidelines to help you prioritize information (17:10)
  • A straight-forward list of questions to ask yourself to ensure you get your message across and make the impact you want on your audience (19:45)

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