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Life transitions are often some of the most difficult experiences for people to work through.  Whether you’re facing a career change, a personal evolution, a shift in your health or relationships, or moving to a new home, change requires the skill of adaptability.

In today’s episode, our guest, Jesse Williams, reflects on the life experiences that helped him hone his skill of adaptability, and reveals the wide variety of areas where that skill became the lynch pin of his success.

Although Jesse would describe himself as a washed up athlete, he is anything but that.  Growing up on the south-side of Brisbane, Australia, he rose from playing for the local football team to moving to America, playing as a powerful anchor on the defensive front at Arizona Western.  There, his exceptional skills led him to become America’s top recruit, earning him a position at the University of Alabama, where he played a vital role in securing two National Championships.  Defying all expectations, Jesse was drafted to the Seattle Seahawks, becoming the only Australian to win a Super Bowl.  A husband, father, and coach, Jesse now speaks worldwide about his journey as an athlete and cancer survivor, working to provide opportunities for the next generation and using football as the catalyst.

Despite the fact that Jessie talks a lot about sport, and a good bit about strength and conditioning, at its core, this episode is about transitioning into different cultures, finding yourself throughout the process, and learning how to take your platform and use it for something bigger than yourself. Some of the specific topics we get into are,

  • The childhood adversity that laid the foundation for his success (12:20)
  • The life transitions that forced him to become a better communicator (19:45)
  • Specific skills that transferred from being an athlete to a coach and entrepreneur (32:20)
  • The lessons he learned from the coaching staff at Alabama – what it means to “do your job” at the highest level (39:20)

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