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As a business owner, author, and someone who has gone through a career transition, I often get asked by others – “how did you do it?”

This simple question has paved the way for some of our most popular services at Art of Coaching – our Brand Builder live workshop and our group mentorship The Coalition – because there are so many things that go into the answer.  It’s a complex subject that requires so much more than the 10X Tips & Hacks you see all over social media.

However, there are some simple yet critical things that if you don’t get them right, nothing else matters. And those are the things I cover in today’s episode.  Specifically, I’ll speak on:

  • How to get ruthlessly clear about what it is you do, establishing your niche (8:15)
  • How to identify who your competitors are and aren’t (12:20)
  • The start-up costs you’ll need to consider (20:20)
  • The consequences of not owning your digital real estate (27:50)

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