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As a business owner, author, and someone who has gone through a career transition, I often get asked by others – “how did you do it?”

This simple question has paved the way for some of our most popular services at Art of Coaching – our Brand Builder live workshop and our group mentorship The Coalition – because there are so many things that go into the answer.  It’s a complex subject that requires so much more than the 10X Tips & Hacks you see all over social media.

However, there are some simple yet critical things that if you don’t get them right, nothing else matters. And those are the things I cover in today’s episode.  Specifically, I’ll speak on:

  • How to get ruthlessly clear about what it is you do, establishing your niche (8:15)
  • How to identify who your competitors are and aren’t (12:20)
  • The start-up costs you’ll need to consider (20:20)
  • The consequences of not owning your digital real estate (27:50)

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Welcome to the Art of coaching Podcast. I’m Brett Bartholomew. And at a young age poor communication nearly cost me my life. Now, I help others navigate the gray area of social interaction, power dynamics and communication so they can become more adaptable leaders regardless of their profession, age or situation. This podcast is for everybody who is fascinated with solving people problems. So if you’re in the no nonsense type who appreciates frank conversations, advice you can put to use immediately, and learning how others navigate the messy realities of leadership. You’re in the right place. I’m glad that you’re joining us. Let’s dive in.


Welcome back to the podcast today we have a special episode, we are gearing up for our Brand Builder and business development seminar. This is something that I started doing when more and more people reached out to us and said, Hey, Brett, you went out on your own. I’m thinking about going out on my own. Can you give me some advice? It’s also something we started about doing when those folks then said, hey, now I’ve been on my own for a while. I’m trying to build it, scale it, refine it. Do you have any advice? And it was very weird for me. Because as any business owner, entrepreneur, I’m always learning we’re always failing, we’re always growing. So when I kind of asked mainly from a place of curiosity, and also some insecurity, hey, why me? Well, you’ve done it, you’ve been there, you’re still doing it. And it brought to mind something that I experienced when I first started out on my own. And I don’t know how many of you can relate. And by the way, even if you think you can’t, I think at some point in your life, you’re going to realize this and we’ll talk about that in a moment. But I really struggled when whether it was me speaking and not knowing what to charge and we’ve done a lot of episodes on that that’s below whether it was it anything related to business, I didn’t really know where to go for advice. I frankly didn’t really identify with a lot of the turnout your business, sell it scale it, you know, do this, it was just, it was all very aggressive. It was all buy a jet, get a platinum blonde, learn how to shoot a gun, but social media, YouTube and then have a high ticket item. It felt weird. I remember a time and I’m a history nerd. Wherein if you study just a time, like not that long ago when Ben Franklin was alive, whether we’re looking at early 1900s 1800s 1700s any of these things and yes, I know Ben Franklin was alive in the 1700s I was just speaking in the past commerce and community was just talked about in a lot more healthy sustainable way. Now it’s just so much greed and money and stand out and everybody else sucks and you know live the life of your dreams and move to Bali and it’s just it’s a lot and I thought all right, well, where’s the stuff for those of us that really just want to be good at what we do? Get Paid pretty well for doing what we do. And we’re in it for the long run, we like helping people, we’re not trying to sell for $100 million, or a billion dollars, just those of us that want to have a little extra money, want to be paid fairly want to be respected for our work. So we created more of that. And that is Brand Builder. That’s our Coalition. That’s a lot of our services. So before I get into the episode, if you are somebody that wants to learn more about the business side, or you resonate with us, and you’re already on the business side of it, and you want to scale and grow, but you’re not trying to like, just be this world, beating Lamborghini driving person, and no offense, if you are, it’s just, it’s not really our main focus. But you can reach out to us, we do a lot of this stuff. 


The other thing I’d say to those of you that just aren’t at that point in your life, and, you may never get there, that’s fine. But I would urge you to understand that understanding business principles, transfer to everything else. And that’s really our business, whether we’re teaching communication, negotiation, leadership, business stuff, we want to give you things I’ll be straightforward, we want to sell you things provide you with things that transfer to other areas of your life. I remember it wasn’t that long ago, we had somebody that was like, Oh, I just like coaching, and I don’t ever really, you know, the business stuff isn’t for me, but I love your episodes on behavior change, well, then not that long after left their job, why did you leave your job, just the office politics, the business of it, this is stuff I need to learn more about, right? Because all businesses is understanding how to provide value to people clarify the value that you provide people and be able to, you know, understand the economics around that it’s so that you get great return on time, great return on investment. So today, we’re gonna go through some very straightforward business basics. And this is just a sampling of the things that we talked about, I’m not gonna apologize, this is a sampling of the things we talked about at our Brand Builder seminar, which we have this year, you can go to, our Coalition, so if you want to go deeper, I’d love to invite you. 


Let’s talk about the things that most people get wrong right out of the gate. And not a one of them has to deal with social media, it has to do with social media, or any of that stuff, I’m talking about the stuff that is so kiss method, keep it simple, stupid, that if you don’t get them, right, nothing else matters, right. And we’re not going to go in any order here. In particular, these are all critical. Some of the obvious things just right out of the gate, if you want to have a business, right, if you want to have a business, you have got to get ruthlessly clear about what you do. And even if you don’t want to have a business, if you want to make money doing something that you’re great at, you want people to turn to you. You want people to trust you, you need to make it ruthlessly clear what you do. And a good accompany meant to this if you’re somebody that likes visuals, and this is completely free, as well as free as the podcast is just go to,, and it is going to take you to a free webinar that really just helps you get clear on that differentiation. And what I mean by differentiation is not what makes you different. But what makes you uniquely relevant. What makes you uniquely relevant in my old life is a strength coach people struggled mightily with this, if they were trying to separate themselves in the job market, or they’re trying to separate themselves if they own their own gym or whatever. The way they tried to differentiate was just saying everybody else sucked. Everybody else socked this person’s not good. That person’s dumb. They don’t do what we do. It was just the I’m better approach. Not really a winning approach. Not really a winning approach. When we’re talking about differentiation, I want you to imagine somebody I just had a console recently somebody great guy, and he wants to help youth skiers, great. Youth skiers and he wants to help them in a variety of contexts. And I said, Tom, I’m making up the name. Tom. If somebody was having a conversation about this stuff at dinner, what would it sound like? Let’s say they say their daughter, Jessica, or I’m signing Jessica up for ski lessons. Oh, you should go to coach Tom. Why? What does he do? Well, Coach Tom has a background in physical therapy. They’ll assess your daughter for any kind of injury things that predispose them to injury. It’s not just about skiing. It’s about just making sure that they stay healthy while they’re skiing and that they can build a program and a training regimen that’s really tailored to her great that’s different. Now all of a sudden coach Tom amongst all the other ski coaches has something people are saying when people reached out to us it was we need help with difficult conversations or buy in. Well, what do you mean by buy in just, it’s hard getting people on the same page. They’re all kind of just either unprofessional or they let their ego Let’s get in the way, people had something distinct to say about us. So that’s what I’m asking you to do. What would people say about you? In the simplest terms, what would people say about you, in the simplest, simplest terms, because differentiation is not just about being different, it’s about being uniquely relevant. 


Now, differentiation has many different ways that can happen, right? So if your goal is to be the go to person for something specific, obviously, we need that message to be clear. But another thing that you can do is, and I love this quote, I don’t remember where I heard it, so I apologize. But when it was coming to differentiation, which is just competitive advantage, and niching, down, we’ll get into more of that in a minute. You can either perform activities differently, or perform different activities. So what does that mean? Well, if you’re getting into a space, where there’s already, let’s say, your lawn, I’m gonna be I’m gonna mow lawns, and I’m using just a ridiculous example, to keep this stuff simple. All right, well, you’re gonna have a hard time breaking into that market, because there’s a lot of people that can be hired for that. What are you going to do that’s different? Are you gonna compete? On a cost standpoint? Are you going to try to undercut everybody? Are you more efficient? Do you use a certain lawn mowing technology or technique that you’re more efficient? Do you have a broader range of services? What is it? And you could even think about this more, in a concentrated way. And we talked about this on that webinar.


In terms of think about where you go get groceries, let’s say we looked at Walmart, let’s say we looked at all the which is just a budget food store. I’m sensitive and understanding of the fact that everybody that listen to this from around the world will have their variation. We all certainly know that Walmart sells everything from lunch meat to lawn mowers, okay, all the in this case is a budget food store that they just sell food that like dirt, dirt, dirt, cheap prices, then there’s target, target some targets will sell food and clothes, lunch meat to lawnmowers, kinda like Walmart. And then there’s things like Whole Foods. Well, those aren’t competitors to one another. They’re not competitors. Why? Well, because companies like Walmart, and target. In comparison to all day, your whole foods, they sell broader, they have a broader offering. There’s a broader offering there, I can’t go to all the and buy a lawnmower or pool chemicals or a garden hose. I also can’t do that at Whole Foods. Right? But then you say, okay, yeah, Brett, but Walmart and Target are competitors. You sure about that? Because one has a higher price point. So while they might have the same offerings, target, by and large is more expensive than Walmart. So a lot of times you can think somebody’s a competitor. And they’re not. And by the way, most of the time, you’re too worried about who your competition is, when you have an established a well defined niche, right. And it’s not about range early on, you actually want that kind of silver bullet, then you might say, well, I don’t want to get you know, pigeon holed into this great you can grow. But early on, you need something we didn’t start doing business consulting and helping people with, you know, marketing. I mean, I even helped a mayor run a campaign. This was kind of wild. We didn’t broaden ourselves out until we really became known for something. And we became known for getting people out of their heads, enhancing their messaging, their clarity, their communication, all these things. And then that expanded into other avenues, relationships and business. Just like early on, when I was a strength coach, right? I didn’t want to I wasn’t trying to be known for everything I just wanted to be, hey, I’m the guy you go to, when you realize all this stuff on social media doesn’t work. If you’re looking for sexy training, you did not come to me. But if you want to do Plyometrics, and no nonsense strength training and learn how to move and, and all this stuff, great come to me. I’m not about flash. I don’t try to sell you on sexy training. We do bare like fundamentals training really well. And I’m going to coach the hell out of you. and That was it. And so some of you need to think about that. What is that one thing you want to be known at? And just to drive this home, right? So you even look at what like Walmart or Sam’s Club or whatever. Let’s say you said what Brett, what about Walmart and Costco? No, no, Costco is a membership company. You have to pay to go shop at Costco. Walmart is not Costco You Buy in bulk like super bulk Walmart, you don’t. So so many of you are stuck because you’re too worried about standing out in an industry that you really haven’t differentiated yourself in. And you can’t get that wording right. Until you know those things. Right, yeah, you have to know where you are fundamentally different. So do not confuse the term differentiation with the general notion of being different than the competition. It is about being distinctly relevant. And the grocery store example, low cost players can be distinctive. But that doesn’t mean they differentiate like they, they still have to look at the shopping experience and all those things. And you really have to consider that because most people get way too defensive. They think everybody’s a competitor. And that’s just not smart. Right? And if you want to know this is basic business school stuff. It’s just what do you do if you’re like bread, I still don’t get it. I’ll state, in plainer, a more plain English.


You have to find a way to create a larger wedge between what you offer and other people offer. So if you want to undercut that fine, if you want it, that’s you competing in the cost space, if you want to offer more options, great, that’s you competing in the variation or the your the broadness of your offering space. But when you straddle, you’re really, really, really going to be in trouble. You’re going to be in trouble. If you’re like, Well, I kind of want to be able to help people in this area and that area. No, no, no. People need to know what you’re for. People need to know that there’s a difference between staying at budget and in suites. And the Ritz Carlton, you know, for art of coaching? Well, if you said, well, Brett, then what’s your differentiation? We are not the cheapest service, but it also depends on what area that you’re looking at. Right? If we go work for larger companies, and we have we’ve done work with the Microsoft’s we’ve done work with larger Entities and folks in different government agencies, things that don’t have the same budget. Restrictions is other like, alright, for them were pretty cheap. I mean, believe it or not, I got a huge wake up call one time when I got a speaking gig. And I charge and I’ll be frank, I’m not scared to admit this. This is I mean, we’re it’s a podcast for what they wanted, I charged $10,500 for it, and they got their money’s worth. I respect anybody that contracts me enough to do my best to over deliver. And if you’re like, how could you charge that? That’s another conversation. Let’s talk about because some people are incredulous about that. Let’s talk about what it took for me to acquire those skills to travel. Let’s talk about the things that I had to say no to let’s talk about the amount of things they asked to be customized. Folks. This is just basic adult stuff. If you pay a plumber, how much they charge you depends on Hey, what’s the work to be done? How far are you out? What equipment am I going to need? We act like oh my god. So but here’s the thing, I got thanked by the host. And I said, Well, what do you mean, they go? Well, we had so and so out. And this is somebody that had a very notable TED talk out there. I mean, millions and millions and millions of views $60,000 for 60 minutes, $60,000 for 60 minutes. So for those folks, I’m cheap. Now, if it was back in my strength and conditioning life, where the standard for speakers, I mean, you were lucky if you got paid in some instances, 250 bucks, maybe 500 bucks. And it was this very much if you’re in it for the right reasons, you do it for free. And if you do this, you do that. And it was very much the weaponization of guilt, and oh, well, so and so did it for this price. Okay, well, yeah, then I’m, then I’m expensive, because I’m not gonna go speak, I’m not going to leave my family leave my business, and put my staff who I helped pay. So I we pay their salaries, and all these other things, to just go speak for 250 bucks, I can’t, I can’t economically it doesn’t make sense. I can do that a certain amount of times a year. But beyond a point you can’t just like you will not be able to write you can roll your eyes at me if you want. But you too as you get going, we’ll have to say notice some things. You know what, and sometimes you’ll turn down the bigger things. For that I just I’ve spoken at a high school for free on on suicide prevention and communication and relationships, you balance that stuff out. But that brings me to just another point, you better not get into this game if you don’t have a healthy relationship with money. And if you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, you’re going to need to 


This show is sponsored by Better Help. Let’s pause for a second and just acknowledge how hard it is to ask for help. Especially when you’re somebody that usually has to make a lot of the decisions you have to be out in front. These things can wear you down and you don’t always know who you can trust. You don’t always know who is going to share your struggles or any information especially if they take it out of context. But imagine having a sounding board somebody that understands your struggles or takes the time to they’re not going to share with everybody. They’re going to really get to know your unique constraints and somebody that can guide you. They’re not going to give you generic self help book advice, but actual insight that is tailored to your situation. That is what Better Help offers professional counseling with licensed therapists who specialize in various fields. If you’re struggling with work life balance, there’s a better health therapist for that need assistance for managing stress or emotions, Better Help has experts ready to go. It is about connecting with somebody who gets you from the comfort of your own space on your own schedule. Now, as an art of coaching listener, you also get another benefit, you can take advantage of this offer and save 10% On your first month by going to, that’s Better Help H E l And once again, you will save 10% off your first month, don’t waste time, go there now.


You better not get into this game if you don’t have a healthy relationship with money. And if you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, you’re going to need to because aside from differentiation, and you can learn more about that, again on the or through our Brand Builder and all that we go into massively in depth and we work one to one to help you figure it out and all these things. But another piece of that you need to consider startup costs. When I started out in my career, and all of you have this same story, to a degree, right, I paid to go to college, and I had to do two unpaid internships. Then I had to do a graduate assistantship where I only made $10,000 My first job only paid me 35. Eventually I got bumped up to 42, then that became 65. Right? Like I didn’t make a lot of money. I didn’t and I didn’t come from a wealthy family. Right. Like we had a middle income family and all those things. But like, we weren’t born with silver spoons, did we have privilege for sure. Right? Especially compared to so many other people out there. But my point is, is like not all this, I could not just oh, I only have $35,000 as a salary, I got it, it’s fine. I have some trust fund account where I’m just going to have a maid now, that wasn’t our reality. So, you know, I would pinch a lot of pennies, I went to a lot of pardon my language, but I went to a lot of shitty events. They were great early on. But about 567 10 years into my career, it was the same stuff over and over and over, I had to pay to do this stuff to keep my certification I had to pay to do this. And one day, you know, my wife and I took a big swing. And we went to a clinic that was pretty expensive. $2,500 a pop without travel, and the amount that the type of people that got us around. And of course, you can’t say this in a vacuum. Some things that are really cheap are amazing. There’s plenty of wines in that category, some things that are expensive or crap. But I started investing more in different types of events and conferences and coaches. And I started to have a different Okay, well, this is different. And the main thing is, it scared the hell out of me so much to spend that money. I showed up differently for those things as well. And I paid attention, I’d sit in the front row and all that have other conferences. But the point is, is folks, you get in what you put out, right? And that doesn’t just go to the type of people that you’re around and the type of coaching you pay for and the type. But it’s going to be the same thing for you too somebody who’s going to tell you all, you know, $35 I don’t know, that’s kind of expensive. And you’re gonna say, Okay, well, what’s it gonna cost you to learn this the hard way, people always all that price stuff and the time and I’m busy or just smokescreens for uncertainty. But the bigger thing here where I say you have to have a healthy attitude towards money, and not just an idea of where you differentiate is remember, you’re gonna have to set up an LLC. And if you’re in another country, you have another term for that, but you’re gonna have to set up some kind of, you know, I don’t want to use a term shell, that’s not accurate. But an LLC is a layer of protection, it’s where your business resides, right? If you’re like, I want to start a business, and you don’t have your basic website, your digital real estate blank, you know, Nick, or Brett Bartholomew, dotnet, or whatever, you’re in some trouble. So you got to have your digital real estate, you’ve got to have an LLC, you better have a business checking account, believe it or not, we’ve had clients that say, Oh, I just you know, I killed it. I got paid $5,000 for this. It’s more than I ever thought. It’s just so nice to be around people that respect your time. And we asked them, Hey, do you have an LLC set up? Do you have a business checking account? Is this paid to your business, are you and they’re like, No, I don’t. I don’t have any of that. Or yeah, I have an LLC, but I don’t have a business checking account. Oh, so you do know that you’re still held liable for that? And you’re going to be taxed on that differently? Right. You need an LLC, because you need a layer of protection. And this is I don’t know if many of you maybe you watch those shows like Windy City rehab or those Home Makeover shows. It is not unheard of. And in many cases it’s standard practice. For those people that have a separate LLC or holding company for every single house. 


Because let’s say Chip and Joanna Gaines, redo a house in Nashville, Tennessee. And it’s, you know, their 500,000 they’ve ever done. But oops, somebody just slept in hit their head on the sidewalk in their house in Chicago that they remodeled in 2013. That person theoretically, could sue or tried to sue Chip and Joanna Gaines, and toppled their entire company, if all those homes that they’ve made redid since 2013, were under the same LLC as they are today. So you need to have different things when I trained athletes that was under a different company, than art of coach, different LLC, than art of coaching. Art of coaching is under a different LLC than another entity. If you don’t know this, I’m sorry. And I’m also sorry, if there’s any other business coach here, they’re lying to you there. We just saved you about 10,000 to $10 million. And it’s hard to put a number on that, because that depends on your business. But there are a lot of people that do not have any layer of protection. And so all Brett, how do you want what you charge for this? How do you want what you charge for that? Really easy? How do you How much do you value not getting in a lawsuit? How much do you value not getting taxed? 10s of 1000s of dollars, because you didn’t set these things up correctly? How much do you value not having to pay some idiot in some other country that thought it was funny to buy your domain name just so you can own it? And I’ve talked about this a lot. You know, look up my friend. I’ve given this exact example. Everybody go to Google. And John, I’m trolling you, type in John Christie JOHNCHRIST i e, to name on one of my best friends. What pops up? a necrophiliac serial killer? John is an incredibly brilliant human being. John does not own his online real estate. Now, John could argue that’s not a goal of mine. I’ve been gainfully employed, fine, that’s fine. But if John didn’t want to do it, and I’d argue, folks, even in today’s day and age if you don’t want to really, would you want somebody to own the land of the house that you live on? Would you want somebody to own your house? What do you want, we all know like now that wouldn’t be good. Let’s say you own your house, but you don’t own the land, that person can rip that out from under you. 


So aside from differentiation and knowing your niche and your competitive advantage, aside from getting an LLC setup, aside from getting a business checking account set up, aside from blank, write the other things that we’ve talked about, you better own your online real estate, you better and Mattie blanc, guess what you want your online real estate you owe me 100 bucks. Mattie is a former intern of mine, he runs a successful business of his own. I’ve told him again and again and when we have a different relationship, so you can frown on this if you want. Mattie laughs at this, it’s all good folks. Just relax. I own Matt’s name. Matt can’t get Matt Unless he comes to me. And I’m nice. I bought it for 15 bucks, I’m gonna sell it back to Matt for about 150 depending Matt, if you’re listening, every year, it’s gonna go up. But I’m telling you, I’ve had a lot of close friends that they try to get this company name or they try to get their name. And somebody’s like five grand cough it up. 10 grand coughed up. And then you’ll say, well, it’s okay. I can go to Don Thomas dotnet or Don or Don Thomas Not, not if they own them all you can’t. And then remember, the longer you make that in wall, just go with Don Thomas coaching, you want to do that? The more words there are more likelihood somebody’s going to screw that up. You want to keep it pretty simple. There’s a reason I didn’t get the art of coaching. And then we have somebody trying to bite off us right now. sophisticated art of coaching. And no, I don’t mind giving them pub. I’m sure they’re very nice people. But they knew what they were doing. Because all you have to do is type in art of coaching. And you see us and you know, well Brett Didn’t you say differentiation, multiple people can exist in the same space until people start offering the same kinds of things. You know, and then you’re kind of like, that’s a little whatever. But the point is, is you need to own those things. I could not get Brett If somebody has had that since 2005. I got Brett That’s just fine, but you don’t want Brett These are just some basics, folks. Some of you are way too worried about YouTube followers and social media and all this other stuff. You don’t even own your digital real estate. You don’t have an LLC. Well, I don’t want to pay for it. You don’t want to pay for an LLC. Some people will not pay a lawyer 200 to 300 bucks to set up an LLC. And they are totally fine without risking being sued for hundreds of 1000s if not millions of dollars. It’s just amazing. And it’s okay if you didn’t know none of not many of us are taught this stuff. But right now you know Right now, you know, some basic basic basic fundamentals there basic fundamentals. You have got to think about this. 


What else? Let’s see here. What else I want to talk to you. Good folks about? You know, there’s a lot of other things we can start talking about. All right, Brett. Well, what about an email list? What about lead magnets? We’ll do some future episodes on those things. We’ll do some future episodes. I’m going to end it with this. There’s some really strong fundamentals here. None of them are sexy. On your online real estate, get clear on your differentiation. Remember, go to If you’re like, Hey, Brad, I’m there. My problem is I feel sleazy, selling myself or whatever. That’s another topic. You absolutely listen to people out there that are scamming people, and giving them really bad information. They don’t feel bad. And so every day that you come up with that excuse, because that’s what it is, I love you, I respect you. But it’s an excuse. Every day you silence yourself, you’re letting those slimy people win. If you also are more of a visual person, and you want help in that space, though, because I do know it’s uncomfortable. I do. Like all jokes aside, it’s uncomfortable. Go to that has named in a tongue in cheek way for a reason. I want you to understand that before you can be selfless, you need to be selfish. It is okay to pump your own stuff. If you’re putting out quality, you need to nobody else is going to toot your own horn. They’re not 


Parents, you know this is true, you’re going to have to tell your son or daughter someday, right? Like they’ve got to be their own advocate. Nobody else is going to toot their own horn outside of you and whatever. If you have something good, and you have something that you think can help people, you are being absolutely irresponsible, if you are not sharing it. That was a very expensive lesson that taught me way too long to learn. I thought, well, I don’t want to be nice. I don’t want it to be about me. And I’m not perfect and whatever. Hey, you stand in front of your product for good, bad, whatever you stand in front of your product. Now if you know your Hockin bullshit, and you’re selling yourself out there, that’s another question. But if you’re just like, Well, I’m a perfectionist, and I’m, I feel like an impostor. And so does everybody else. So does everybody else. And we have a whole guide on that as well. You can go to Get the point yet. We are relentless into not letting you fall into these mistakes into this self limiting behavior. Because it pisses me off seeing the bad stuff that’s out there. Many of you have great stuff, but you need to get started. And you can all do this today, you can all find a way to set up an LLC set up a business checking account, do these things, you just need to take the next step and quit listening to self limiting behavior. 


All right, if you are somebody that wants to get around other people that have been there, done that still doing it, you want to get feedback. You want to get feedback, you just want to get around supportive people that are going to encourage you you want one to one feedback, come, check out our newly revamped Brand Builder, right? It is very straightforward. We’re doing it in Phoenix, Arizona. A big reason we moved here is any workshop we host here is like an automatic vacation, we get that there’s a financial commitment there is on our end as well. But you can also go to Sedona, you can hike you can get away and be honest, most of you like me are the types that you don’t get back to yourself much in general. And the benefit of coming to a live event is you get away from distractions, you have to focus. And I understand you want to be with family, I got a kid as well. I traveled 60 to 100,000 miles a year also, but one weekend is not going to make or break it especially when you get back to yourself get clarity, get out of your own head and figure some of these things out that you’ve been putting off for too long. It is October 7 and eighth of this year 2023. If you’re listening to this in 2028, just go to You can see when we’re running it then you can also email us at We have student discounts, military discounts, teacher discounts, first responder discounts, we partner with a firm, so if you’re cash strapped, you can use a firm. Also, if you have your LLC set up, this is a tax deduction. You can write off a vacation, talk to your CPA, ask them say I want to go to this professional development seminar. I need to know you know how to make this a business expense they’ll guide you. But this is 100% focused on business concepts, branding concepts. No, you do not need to worry that you’re going to get made fun of No, you do not need to worry that you’re going to be oh well everybody else is gonna be ahead of me open this stuff to everybody. Quit making excuses. We appreciate you trying to be respectful. We’re trying to help Any other questions reach out otherwise we will be back next week with more on this and we’re just going to take Use these fundamentals out little by little by little. Hope you enjoy it. Talk to you soon.

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