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Today’s archetype: The Interrupter

Maybe you know someone like this or maybe you are “The Interrupter” yourself.

Either way, we all know the type – in meetings, conversations, and debates, they are constantly cutting others off, becoming a distraction, dominating the discourse, and/or stifling any sort of collaboration. And often, it comes off negatively, as if they are just looking for attention. 

But it’s not always that simple.  Sometimes interrupting can simply be a strategy for achieving basic human needs – to be heard, understood, valued, and validated.

Today’s episode is all about how to manage The Interrupter in a variety of contexts.  Some of the specific considerations and strategies I cover include, 

  • Possible root causes for the behavior (6:30)
  • How to handle it when someone interrupts you (13:30)
  • The WRONG ways to handle it when someone interrupts you (24:10)
  • Times or contexts in which interruptions are actually appropriate (27:05)

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